Mathilde Froustey Mathias Heymann répétition



Really enjoyed the technical aspects to this video. Good job.


Spotlight: Eric Underwood


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Hello dance addicts,

When I watched the Royal Ballet Live videos on YouTube and saw a handsome black ballet dancer in the class I was intrigued.  I wanted to know who it was. I came across Eric Underwood’s videos on the Internet and after researching who he was I finally put it all together, he was the gorgeous black dancer, with the amazing lines in this video.

I have been in love with his work and amazing talent. He now dances with the Royal Ballet. Amazing.

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Other Videos

Can’t we relate?


Can’t we relate to this video?

I started dancing late (like a year ago) so I can totally relate to the joke and seriousness of this video and I like that the YouTuber did inject some humor to the topic. Because, although there will be that one person (guy or girl) who is better than you in dance class, we can all use them as inspiration. I don’t see the persons in my class as opponents but I use them as a motivation. Most of them have been dancing for more than 5 years, so their legs should be that high and their splits should be perfect, while mine is getting there.

What did you think about the video? How do you see other dancers in your class?

Spotlight: Harper Watters and his journey


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Every dancer’s journey is different. Some start early, some start late but the aim is still to  speak a beautiful language when we perform on a stage. Meet Apprentice with Houston’s Ballet Harper Watters. You can follow him on Twitter here and read his journey on becoming a dancer as he guest blogs on The Ballet BagNext week, I will share my personal journey on becoming a dancer on this blog. I did, however, enjoy reading Watter’s own journey as he dishes how it all started.

My fav. photo is below:

Harper performing at Walnut Hill - Photo: © Harper Watters

Hopefully I will get the opportunity to interview him on this blog.

Watch his performance below in Roadblock.

Royal Ballet LIVE


This is absolutely a dream come true. Visiting the Royal Ballet is not and will not be on my schedule for some time but with the recent livestreams of their rehearsals and classes, it gave unprecedented access to fans all over the world.

It will take a while to get through the videos and to digest each, the way the viewer should, but I would encourage you to watch them.

My favorite video from the feature

Dancer Profile: Alicia Graf Mack


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Dancing has become my pride and joy. This month marks my first year since I started dancing with The Company Theatre in Jamaica under the leadership of my hero and Artistic Director – Tony Wilson.

This is the first blog post and it features Alicia Graf Mack from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and you are just in awe when she dances. Watch the video below.